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MCA Directors
In-house graphics management
Design and build of sets to suit every occasion, click to see more
Set Design
Pre-conference edits, On site Filming and Editing, Corporate Video, Customer testimonials
More than 50% of MCA events are staged overseas
Interactive voting systems for Audience Participation, Quizzes, AGM voting etc
Interactive Voting
Speaker Training for conference and media events
Speaker Training
A wide range of teambuilding to suit all purposes
MCA Directors are hugely experienced at all levels of logistics from people movement to AV trucking, hotel management to guest registration, conference agendae to gala menus
MCA provides A/V equipment to all levels required both within the UK and overseas, working either with its UK kit or with local suppliers when required
A/V Hire
The complete creative and conference management service bringing over 30 years of experience to your event
Free venue searching throughout the world to suit every business and motivational need, click to see more
Free Venue Searching
Entertainment to suit every occasion, guest speakers and conference hosts to liven up your event

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